• TaDa Awards

    TaDa Awards

    We are pleased to announce a new monthly recognition award at Ardmore Inc.  The TaDa Award is celebrating achievements big and small that are happening throughout the organization. The awards will be given for attaining personal goals, increasing community involvement, learning a new skill, or even acts of kindness!

    Congratulations Sean Burkett and Case Coordinator Vern Appleton who received the Ta Da award in July. Sean, along with his wife Holly, recently purchased his first home. Vern has been working side by side with Sean for 11 years now to support him in achieving his goals. Congratulations to both gentlemen!



  • The 2020 Mike Trace Award for Excellence is being posthumously awarded to Stephanie Linton

    The 2020 Mike Trace Award for Excellence is being posthumously awarded to Stephanie Linton

    This award honors Ardmore employees whose diligence and creativity result in people leading full lives of choice in their community.                   Stephanie began her employment at Ardmore on 10/08/2007. She rose to leadership as a Home Coordinator in 2017. In 3 years she supported her team of DSPs to help build community for the people they supported. There was a 60% increase in activities that led to community connections. That is amazing! And yes, we kept data! Her actions as a leader will have a lasting impact for the people she supported. She is missed!

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    Bob and Joe are working on completing the Summit Metro Parks Spring Spree for 2021.  Direct Support Professionals at Ardmore have been supporting the guys with their hiking sprees for over 20 years now!

    Find out more about how you can participate  in the Summer Spree and 100 Year Centennial Tour at summitmetroparks.org

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    With Direct Support Professional Erica’s support,  Pam and Becky are joining community sip and paint zooms through the City of Akron Recreation and Parks! 


    To sign up visit akron.recdesk.com, select PROGRAMS then ADULT PROGRAMMING!

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    Ardmore appreciates the work each person does for the people we support. Although we could not gather in 2021 to recognize and celebrate, we are enjoying in solidarity these shirts and totes that reinforce who we truly are as an organization an agency that works as a team with a common mission! 

    Special Thanks as well to the Ardmore Foundation for their continued support

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    Direct Support Professionals provide supports to find and maintain friendships with people.  Pat and Barb met through a lunch club group in 2019. Even through these challenging times, the staff have helped them find ways to connect and stay in touch. 

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    Ardmore employees and the people we support were given the opportunity to receive the COVID-19 vaccine today thanks to Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board and Summit County Health Department. Thank you to all of the people who chose to be vaccinated for their dedication and commitment to slowing the spread!



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    Creative process means the process of generating new ideas, making connection between ideas and producing an art work based on those ideas.

    We love sharing the end results of that process with the supports provided at Ardmore! Check out our Facebook page for more amazing photos and stories.

    John and Brooke are using Legos to create.



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