• Save the Date!

    Save the Date!

     October 16th, 2024

    We would love for you to join us this fall for a gathering of Ardmore's family and friends. 

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    Corey Cammel, supported by Ardmore Employment Services, is the 2023 recipient of the Carlene Weaver Achievement Award. During his 10 years working in Distribution at Summa, there has been changes including his department moving to a new part of the hospital. Despite his visual impairment, Corey learned new routes all over the hospital. Corey comes up with solutions, uses technology and find ways to adapt to field calls, charge the appropriate departments and make deliveries. Way to go Corey!

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    Ardmore Community Services employee Connie  Markland is the recipient of the Summit County Board of Developmental Disabilities   Dottie Schrum Culture Award. Connie has been a Direct Support Professional at Ardmore for over 26 years. She consistently provides exceptional services to people to live the life that they want.  Connie enjoys life and she shares her enthusiasm with those around her.  Thank you Connie for providing person-centered services for the people you support!

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    Community Service DSP Patrice and David enjoy an evening out attending the Christmas Dance at LaPlace Events Hall presumed by All About Oz. 

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    Creative process means the process of generating new ideas, making connection between ideas and producing an art work based on those ideas.

    We love sharing the end results of that process with the supports provided at Ardmore! Check out our Facebook page for more amazing photos and stories.

    John and DSP Tailor completing a 3D puzzle    #DoWithNotFor

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    The Ardmore TaDa award is to celebrate achievements big and smalls that are happening throughout the organization. 


    Congratulations DSP William Davies who received a TaDa December 2022. He has proven to be very versatile. His ability to transition to different locations makes him an extremely valuable asset to Residential Services. During times of low staffing, William has come to the rescue of numerous Home Coordinators. His ability to adjust to the varying needs of the people he supports cannot be overstated. Thanks for everything you do!

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    Bob and Joe are working on completing the Summit Metro Parks Spring Spree for 2022.  Direct Support Professionals at Ardmore have been supporting the guys with their hiking sprees for over 20 years now!

    Find out more about how you can participate  in the Summer Spree and 100 Year Centennial Tour at summitmetroparks.org

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    On February 14th 2022 was Ardmore Employee Recognition Day! Travel mugs filled with goodies were given to each person who works at Ardmore.  At a meeting recently, one family member commented that this was the happiest she had ever seen her daughter and how much she appreciated the staff at Ardmore.  Thank you to all of the Ardmore Employees who are Empowering People to Discover a Life They Choose and Love!

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    Direct Support Professionals provide supports to find and maintain friendships with people.  Pat and Barb met through a lunch club group in 2019. Even through these challenging times, the staff have helped them find ways to connect and stay in touch. 



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